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When are notices of employee changes due?

Please provide notification to the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust office prior to the 12th of the month. Changes to an employee's insurance must be reported within 31 days from the date of change.  To ensure that employee coverage changes are reflected on your next premium statement, complete a BCCA EBT Group Insurance Application form or BCCA EBT Group Insurance Change form and forward the original, signed form to the BCCA Employee Benefits office immediately. You can fax a copy, but we must also receive the original. Please keep a copy for your records.  

Please advise the BCCA Employee Benefits office of the last day worked for any employee terminations. Employers can email us directly at, or send a fax notice to 604-299-2982. Terminations will be processed through the emails we receive; no additional paperwork is required.

Should I adjust my monthly premium payment to reflect the changes I am submitting?
No. You should submit changes without adjusting the premium amount due. Your next invoice will indicate the credit or the back charges for the changes submitted.

How many hours must an employee work to be eligible for enrolment?

15 hours for EHC, Vision and Dental, 21 hours for Life Insurance, AD&D, Dependent Life, 30 hours for Disability

Do all of my employees have to enroll in the health and dental insurance plan?

Enrolment in the health and dental plans are mandatory for all full-time employees unless they have similar coverage through a spouse's plan. This is the only circumstance where an employee would be permitted to waive coverage and they must indicate "Waived" on Part 1 of the BCCA EBT Group Insurance Application form and indicate their spouse's insurer and policy number in Part 2. The original must be sent into the BCCA Employee Benefits office for processing.

What happens to an employee's coverage during a temporary lay-off?

In the event a covered employee is temporarily laid-off, an employer can request for benefits continuation under the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust to a maximum of 3 months from the last day the employee is at work. It is important to note that Short and/or Long Term Disability cannot continue during a lay-off and will terminate on the date of the lay-off.

For all other benefits which are continued, premiums will remain payable. If the employer requests a lay-off extension and the employee has not resumed working at the end of the 3-month period, all benefits coverage will terminate. Please note that coverage terminates effective 3 months from the last day worked and does not extend until the end of the month. As with any termination, if an employee's last day of coverage is during the middle of the a month, the full month's premium is due.

If you would like to continue the benefits coverage for an employee during a lay-off period, a written request must be submitted to stating the employee's name, the date the lay-off begins and the benefits that you are requesting to continue, excluding disability benefits.

When the employee returns to work, please advise the BCCA Employee Benefits Office immediately by fax or email and all benefits will be reinstated on the returned to work date.

What happens to the employee's coverage when a severance occurs? 

Extension of benefits coverage due to a severance situation is allowed, pending approval, for the minimum notice period required by legislation to a maximum 8 weeks. It is important to note that disability coverage (Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability) cannot be extended, and will terminate on the employee's last day of work. To arrange for continuation of coverage:

Send a letter/e-mail/fax to the BCCA Employee Benefits Office stating the following:

  • employee's name
  • date of hire
  • birth date
  • salary
  • life insurance coverage amount
  • occupation
  • date of termination
  • reason for termination
  • requested benefits to continue
  • required severance period


Who is considered a full-time student?

An individual can be considered a full time student up to the age of 25 if they are registered at a high school, university, trade school, college or similar educational institution and attending on a full time basis.

Where do I go if I have a question or concern related to BCCA Employee Benefit Trust?

If you have a question about how the plan works or how to adjust your coverage, contact Client Services at:

Suite 120-4401 Still Creek Drive
Burnaby, BC V5C 6G9
Phone: 604-683-7353
Toll-free: 1-800-665-1077
Fax: 604-299-2982

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