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What sets BCCA Employee Benefits apart from other benefit providers?

BCCA Employee Benefit Trust offers exceptional value to employers in the construction sector. The Program was created with the construction industry in mind for the benefit of people in the industry and has been operating employee benefit plans on a non-profit basis for more than 40 years.

BCCA Employee Benefits is:

  • Designed for the construction industry by construction professionals.
  • Trustee-managed for the benefit of our members.
  • Flexible – We work with large and small companies to identify the best options.
  • Streamlined and efficient – To deliver a high level of value for every dollar
  • Service driven - Because we understand your business we can offer
         knowledgeable, responsible service.
  • Why should I invest in an employee benefit plan?

    A well-managed employee benefit plan is an effective tool in recruiting and retaining motivated people. Extended Health benefits, Dental Care and insurance add value to any compensation package.

    This is especially true in today's job market, where employees may be tempted to move to other sectors of industry. And it's especially true for employees with family responsibilities.

    What if I am not a member of BCCA?

    We can likely still work with you to find a benefits solution that best meets your company's needs. Give us a call at 1-800-665-1077.

    If you are in the construction industry you may be interested in finding out more about membership with BCCA through one of the regional offices. Membership has many advantages for employers such as general contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and allied services, who are primarily involved in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. Interested employers should review our section on BCCA and contact one of the regional offices

    Why do I have to give you all of the demographics of my employees to get a quote? 

    We want to provide you with the most accurate quote possible and need information on your employee demographics to do so. It may seem like a lot of information but the plan is to ensure the health and safety of employees and their families and we want to make sure we are getting it right.

    My company has multiple branches/locations – can each location receive their own billing?

    Yes – we are able to accommodate multiple billings, going to different locations for companies with multiple branches.

    Do all employees have to participate in the plan?

    It is recommended that all employees participate, however for groups under 10 employees a minimum of 85% participation is required and 75% for groups over 10 employees.

    What is the minimum number of employees required?

    BCCA Employee Benefit Trust welcomes all member companies into the plan, regardless of size.

    Because the Employee Benefit Trust helps to retain employees in the construction sector, welcoming more companies into the plan helps to strengthen the construction industry in B.C.

    Do you cover contract/seasonal employees?

    Yes – we offer two hour bank plans which is an excellent fit for companies with contract and/or seasonal employees.

    Are employees outside of BC eligible?

    Employees that reside outside of BC but within Canada are eligible for coverage.

    Can different levels of coverage be set up for different classes of employees?

    Provided the classes are clearly defined and make logical sense (i.e. A class for Management and a different class for all other employees) there is no issue with setting up a plan with multiple classes.

    What is the monthly cost for the employer? For the employees? Are there fees in addition to the premiums?

    Employer costs vary, according to the coverage you want and also according to the age and medical profile of your employees. In general, the plan presents a comprehensive range of benefits at competitive prices. Most of all, it offers direct access to customer service staff who understand both employee benefits and the needs of the industry.

    What is the term of the employer's contract?

    The agreement between the individual employer and the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust is sustained on a month-to-month basis. This gives plan members the opportunity to adjust their package of features and their coverage levels as required.

    How has your pool performed in past years?

    Our pooled renewals for the past five years have seen an aggregate renewal action of approximately 3% so we manage our pool very well.

    Which benefits are mandatory vs. optional?

    The core features of the plan include:

    • Basic Life Insurance
    • Dependent Life Insurance
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Long-Term Disability
    • Extended Health
    • Dental Care
    • Medical Travel Benefit
    • Employee and Family Assistance Program

    Optional features include Short-Term Disability and enhanced Optional Life Insurance, and a wide-variety of additional selections is available within each of the core features. For instance, employers may choose to opt-in to a Healthcare Spending Account or Drug Card program under the Extended Health benefit or add major restorative care and orthodontic coverage to their Dental package.

    Our experienced Benefits Consultants will work closely with you to develop the combination of optional features that can enhance your plan and meet the unique needs of your employees.

    Which insurance carriers do you work with?

    We have partnered with Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, Great West Life, ACE INA and Family Services and Employee Assistance Program to provide us the flexibility and pricing for the plans that we offer to our clients.

    Where do I go if I have a question or concern related to BCCA Employee Benefits?

    If you have a question about how the plan works or how to adjust your coverage, contact Client Services at:

    Suite 120-4401 Still Creek Drive
    Burnaby, BC V5C 6G9
    Phone: (604) 683-7353
    Toll-free: 1-800-665-1077
    Fax: (604) 299-2982

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    The government of Manitoba has announced a reduction of the retail sales tax (RST) from 8% to 7% effective July 1, 2019. If you have employees who live and work in Manitoba, you will notice a reduction in taxes charged for these individuals on your July 1, 2019 bill.


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