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BCCA Employee Benefit Trust Newsletters

BCCA Employee Benefit Trust Newsletter Spring/Summer 2018

  • Introducing our newest board member, Jason Henderson
  • Meet Rachel Wasyluk and Silke Billings newest members of our team
  • Invoicing schedule 2018-2019
  • Worksafe BC: Bullying and Harassment

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2018

  • Administrators Review Required
  • Helping Employees Sleep and Use Their EAP
  • Enhancements to the Electronic Administration System
  • Lifestyle Changes are Key to Preventing Diabetes
  • Industry Changes for Benefits
  • Members Give Back

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Fall 2017

  • Flu Clinics
  • Food Allergy Fact Sheet
  • Tips for Communicating Retirement Plans
  • Mental Health Summit

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Summer 2017

  • Aly and Laura have joined our team!
  • Ensure all employee information is up to date with our office
  • Client Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Sun Safety
  • New Genetic Non-discrimination Law
  • Saskatchewan implements PST on Group Insurance Premiums
  • Consider Supporting those displaced by BC wildfires through #Here4BC

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Spring 2017

  • Client survey is coming soon
  • Our CEO talks about our referral program 
  • How HR professionals manage employees with mental health 
  • Resources for mental health 
  • New Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Law

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2017

  • Compassionate Care leave
  • Minimum Eligibility Requirement Situations
  • Where Dietitians can Help
  • Employee Benefits Day

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Fall 2016

  • How the renewal process works
  • 2016 client satisfaction survey results
  • some things we're working on for you

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Summer 2016

  • Client events
  • Handling brokers
  • Make sure salary information is up to date
  • Further enhancements to group critical illness
  • 2016 annual client satisfaction survey
  • Office changes

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Spring 2016

  • Link to our website
  • Taxation of Benefits
  • ACE INA is now CHUBB
  • Enhancements to group critical illness
  • Annual Client Survey
  • Website refresh launch - May 18

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2016

  • Our Hour Bank Plans
  • Great West Life on Benefits coverage and termination of employment
  • Green Shield Canada and MEMOTEXT Corp. find new facts about non-adherence to medication for patients with chronic diseases.
  • Our new Trustee, Scott Bone

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Fall 2015

  • Introducing Nina Marcinkow
  • Congratulations Rosalind Thorn on your retirement
  • Smoking cessation programs and resources for employers and employees
  • Our newest partnership is with Green Shield Canada

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Summer 2015

  • Changes to Extended Healthcare Lifetime maximums
  • Reminder for late applicants
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Reasonable and Customary charges
  • Summer activity ideas

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Spring 2015

  • It’s Mental Health Week May 4th-10th
  • Explaining increasing Long-Term Disability rates
  • Pacific Blue Cross: prevent employee illness with a health and wellness program
  • Find out which prescription drugs require special authority by BC PharmaCare for reimbursement
  • One woman’s healthier-living success story after receiving one of our gifts
  • Dr. Beth Donaldson on transforming unbeneficial behavior into positive, meaningful alternatives 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2015

  • New Year’s wellness tips and tricks: lose weight and keep it off
  • Catch up with our staff and meet Kelly, the latest addition to our Client Development team
  • Reasonable and Customary Limits policy updates
  • CARESnet: Pacific Blue Cross’ online forum allows you to electronically submit receipts online 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Fall 2014

  • Online optional benefits for employees
  • Everest Funeral Planning and Concierge services available through AD&D at no extra cost
  • New e-newsletter feature, "Ask an Advisor”: submit any questions you have to our client consultant
  • Thanks to participants that completed our client satisfaction survey. Find out the winners of our appreciation prizes

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Summer 2014

  • Meet Client Service Associate, Trisha Chilton
  • Newest partner, Copeman Healthcare Services: providing assistance with proactive health and wellness measures
  • Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy: home-delivery service for members taking prescription drugs
  • Short Term Disability over EI, which is the better option for you?
  • Reminder: AD&D and CI are now taxable benefits for employees
  • Planning a summer getaway? Consider purchasing additional insurance 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2014

  • EP3 and PBC system upgrades: what to expect
  • Our Benefits with Friends program: great prizes to be won for putting us in touch with a construction company looking for benefits
  • Reminder: keep us informed on information and contact changes happening in your life
  • Pink Shirt Day, February 26th: wear your pink shirt to show that bullying will not be tolerated 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Fall 2013

  • Is your organization compliant with Bill 14-Workplace Bullying and Harassment policies?
  • Determining eligibility for a Group Life waiver of premium benefit
  • Changes to Reasonable & Customary Rates
  • Additional Critical Illness Insurance available to employees and their families
  • Databank with links to make your workspace a healthier one, and interesting tools to download on your work or home computer
  • Check out the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Learn about our Benefits With Friends program! 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Spring/Summer 2013

  • Critical Illness Rider vs. Critical Illness Insurance: what’s the difference?
  • Implementing health and wellness programs into the office
  • Stay protected when travelling: understanding your current travel coverage and potentially purchasing more
  • Please take a moment to complete our customer satisfaction survey!

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter Winter 2013

  • Group life waiver of premium benefit eligibility
  • Mental health and how to support it in the workplace
  • Extended Health Care benefit additions
  • Manage drug costs with Pharmacy Compass
  • April 2 is Employee Benefits Day! Here are some resources to support mental health at work and home

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter November 2012

  • 10 tips from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen on stalling the aging process
  • Find out how you, and we as your providers, can make organizations healthier
  • Manitoba’s recently added 7% sales tax to select group insurance premiums
  • Laser eye surgery has been added to Vision Care!
  • Results and winners of our 2012 client satisfaction survey 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter June 2012

  • Top 5 reasons that travel claims are denied
  • Make sure your kids are covered for the summer holidays!
  • New ID cards will be issued in August
  • Take a moment to complete our client satisfaction survey for a chance to win a Blackberry Playbook! 

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter September 2011

  • Prevention and wellness: invest now to save later
  • Learn the steps to quit smoking at no cost to you: B.C. Smoking Cessation program
  • Tips and tools regarding late applicants

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter June 2011

  • What is the actual cost of critical illness: the physical and financial toll
  • Benefits over cash: the importance to both employees and employers
  • Prevent critical illness by taking advantage of B.C.’s Smoking Cessation program
  • Tips and tools regarding coverage for disabled employees

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter March 2011

  • Myths vs. truths regarding benefits cost management
  • Understanding Emergency Medical Travel Coverage
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program: resources to keep employees and their families safe and healthy
  • When are dependents eligible to be added to the Benefit Plan?
  • Here’s some information High-risk industry: Substance-abuse in the workplace, and keeping your environment safe and drug-free

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter December 2010

  • Q&A with Pacific Blue Cross and Great West Life: individual plans and disability claims management
  • Find out the results of our client satisfaction survey!

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter June 2010

  • Increase your Life and Long-term Disability coverage: find out how
  • Travel Medical Coverage: terms and conditions and additional options like Medi-Assist
  • Know your numbers when it comes to these four key indicators of future health: get help from HealthTracker

BCCA Employee Benefits Newsletter March 2010

  • What you need to know about extended health and dental trends
  • Low-budget, quick-win wellness strategies
  • Exclusive member access to a Great West Life health and wellness website
  • Brief update on PharmaCare’s Special Authority Program

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The government of Manitoba has announced a reduction of the retail sales tax (RST) from 8% to 7% effective July 1, 2019. If you have employees who live and work in Manitoba, you will notice a reduction in taxes charged for these individuals on your July 1, 2019 bill.


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